Review: Chuck Berry - Berry Is On Top (1959)

Tracks: 1) Almost Grown; 2) Carol; 3) Maybellene; 4) Sweet Little Rock & Roller; 5) Anthony Boy; 6) Johnny B. Goode; 7) Little Queenie; 8) Jo Jo Gunne; 9) Roll Over Beethoven; 10) Around And Around; 11) Hey Pedro; 12) Blues For Hawaiians. REVIEW Chess Records had chosen the strategy of summarizing Chuck Berry’s output in LP form on a yearly basis — but as the summer of 1959 rolled along and there still was not enough completely new material to fill up two entire sides, they decided that they had no choice but to go back to the past and complete the record with just about anything that had so far eluded LP representation, even if it meant starting out with Chuck’s very first single from way back in 1955. The result was

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